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reunionportelefono: conference call

reunionportelefono is the conference call service for corporates and big companies.
The conference call service is known also like audio conferencing or teleconference, differents words with the same meaning: meet many people in the same telephone conversation, without any additional equipment, just using the conventional telephone (landline or mobile).

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smartic events: meetings, business presentations relay, congresses, conferences.
By smartic service events, we take care of everything necessary for the telecommunication large-scale events and high-level outward:

- audio telephony: unidirectional or bidirectional conference call, shifts assisted by any other business, overseeing the whole event operator.

- event on internet: audio and video streaming, web slide show, attendance control, chat participants, site registration, and exclusive access to the event, professional social networking integration.

- meeting room survey:
integration audio/video equipment of telepresence with the audio/video edition equipment and PA system.
Integration of audio/video conference equipment:
We integrate into offices or meeting rooms for events, rent, sell and provide maintenance of equipment for video and audio.
Our customers see us as experts in and flexible solutions that provide them daily.
Ir a integración equipos polycom, tandberg, konftel, lifesize, vaddio, equipos de audioconferencia y videoconferencia
The webconference service allows users of the reunionportelefono Premium Plan, make a web presentation of synchronized and viewable by other members of the audio conference with available internet connection (share presentations in real time with other participants) . In addition, it incorporates a chat so that participants can give their feedback during a meeting, the possibility of sharing a whiteboard, browsing web pages in common and other additional facilities.

· datasheet/user guide webconference (89,19KB, pdf)
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IVR and servers of Auto Attenndant telephony calls, text to speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ASR):
A wide range of needs that may be covered with platforms for automated processing of calls: incoming calls in marketing, processing of information services, support services to users, routing calls from the phone to give the company to the most appropriate destination, and so on.
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